Interest free advance loan with Credit Card

When using a credit card, you are actually using even an interest-free advance loan with the possibility of paying up to 45 and splitting your purchases up to 12 times or more. Credit card? By definition, the cards offer a form of credit with which we can make small “loan advances” in traditional or large “advance loans” on Platinum, Diamond and Unlimited Cards.

But Carla, how is this loan in advance? Simple, once you went to a store, bought a product and paid with the credit card, this operation is nothing more than the administrator to lend you money to buy that product and you pay for it on the due date of the invoice. For the holder to buy and pay, it is necessary to use the personalized plastic card with his name and a magnetic stripe and ship with electronic information, the idea is to offer the consumer a series of financial relief.

Those who have credit cards carry a myriad of advantages, which I consider the most important is the flexibility to make payments of indeterminate amounts anywhere in the world without having to show real R $ 1 at all. You can pay the invoice on the due date or delay the payment with a minimum amount in the revolving credit, if the amount is too high, you can install everything up to 24 times.

The use of the credit card is easy, the holder can spend up to the limit granted by the credit institution. When you pay the bill, the credit limit is automatically released for use again, but if you exceed the limit, you will not be too happy with the charges on the next bill.

3 ways to use credit card

3 ways to use credit card

What applications the credit card allows, the advantages, benefits and conditions of use change according to the type of card and the agreement of use between the holder and the administrator of the credit cards, are usually used to:

1 -) Used with modality of payment.
Credit card replaces money with mastery. You make your purchases during a certain period that will be accumulated and listed in a monthly invoice, the amount must be paid on the day of the maturity chosen by the holder when you requested the plastic.

2 -) Serve to buy, make payments, installment in times. Borrow loans.
Credit cards in addition to paying purchases, can be used to obtain personal loan or quick cash withdrawals, to “apply for the loan on the card”, it is necessary to have limit with prior approval.

3 -) Use to pay consumer bills and other private debts.
The use of credit cards is not limited to the two items listed above, there are other solutions to use to pay bills of light, water, telephone, among others. Check the attendance of your card, the possibility of paying debts, tickets and bills of consumption.

Smart use of credit card

Smart use of credit card

The best use of credit card is, use it for payment, given the advantage of credit cards being used without the presence of money and security as a means of payment. The not so secure card to make purchases through the internet, to add security for this operation, simply add your card to a PayPal account Brazil. If well used and properly cared for, the card is the most incredible means of payment in the world.

Another smart way to use it is to get small amounts of personal loan, so you have to be aware of the charges, fees and interest of that operation. For free you have the total to use in obtaining finance purchases with up to 40 days to pay at no cost.

Paying the card’s invoice on the day of the payday or letting it in automatic debit is more than excellent practice.

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