Vehicle Financing – Loans for your dream car

With a vehicle financing that meets your needs and your economic situation, buying a car is easy. The majority of Germans use car financing to buy a vehicle because the cost of a high-quality model often ranges in the five-digit range. Only a few can pay such an amount out of pocket.

If you want to finance a vehicle, you can choose between different offers. Leasing , dealer or three-way financing and vehicle financing with a bank loan differ in terms of both costs and repayment terms. Not every kind of financing is suitable for you.

The right financing for buying a car
Are you a car enthusiast and would like to drive a new car every year? In this case you should prefer the lease . For a permanent purchase, this financing is too expensive. If you have sufficient funds, you may find the three-way financing interesting. This is a car loan with a deposit and final installment . The latter is usually very extensive. If your equity capital is not enough, you should forego this vehicle financing . If the money is missing for the final installment , you will need to take out a installment loan – this increases your overall cost .

On the other hand, cheaper vehicle financing can be obtained from the dealership or dealer or from a bank . Which offer is the better depends first and foremost on the interest rate . Compared with the dealer financing of a car bank loan has the advantage that you can pay the purchase price in cash. Thus, the so-called cash discount is safe, which additionally reduces your overall burden. Complete the vehicle financing online for this purpose – so the loan amount will be credited to you in no time.

Pay attention to interest on car finance
When choosing your vehicle financing, pay attention to the amount of interest. Above all, the APR rate plays a decisive role because it contains the majority of the credit costs. In addition, there are other conditions that should be included in the financing comparison – for example, whether the loan amount can be repaid early free of charge or installment breaks are possible. With us you will find the best comparison!